KAGOAL dedicated CTO services for your technology startup!

KAGOAL gathered years of experience to create a proven approach to provide a dedicated CTO support

CTO services crafted for your tech startup

KAGOAL assigns an experienced CTO for your tech startup at a manageable budget. Our proven strategy shortens the time to market by avoiding overbuilds and/or trial-and-error exercises.

Develop a sound technology architecture

With an assigned CTO you guarantee your technology product map is setup for success. No more wrong technology architectures or over-budget cloud solutions. Guaranteed ROI through designing a scalable technology architecture that embeds the technology due diligence required by VCs and investors.

Cutting edge technologies

  • e-Commerce and Marketing Automation
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics & Big Data
  • Cloud Solutions
our capabilities

Technology driven solutions

Kickstart your next technology project and get a technology service provided by a global technology team.
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